Termite Dusting

Dusting Termites
There's no best technique used to eliminate every termite contamination. The best way is to access the individual situation. This takes experience, skill and knowledge of the latest techniques. As termite specialists we use different methods to ensure complete extermination in various situations. Because there are various kinds of termites, your home might be plagued with a multiple species. Usually termite dusting isn't the end-all solution, but supports other techniques.

The fundamental premise behind termite dusting is that one really wants to get rid of the termite, but additionally get to the queen and also the nest. The easiest method to do both is by using an application that clings to the termite’s body to ensure that it's transferred to the nest. Termite dust is an excellent method to attain an ideal solution.

Termite dusting involves blowing dust poison gently through termite plagued areas. The dust sticks to the exoskeleton of the termite and propagates through the termite colony. Usually termite dusting is performed in a place that shows apparent termite activity because for it to work the termite must be exposed to the termite dust. Termites will go back to their colony nest with the dust, presenting it to the termite colony.

If there's just one termite nest this method usually take 3-9 days to exterminate the colony. We might have to re dust the active termite areas a couple of times. Termite dusting is most effective when used as an approach to initial treatment to slow termite activity. Usually hot summer days would be best because termites tend to be more active once the temperatures are high. It’s not really an effective strategy in cooler seasons. We advise utilizing a soil treatment and barrier around the house along with termite dusting.

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