The First Termiticide That Doesn’t Make You Compromise

Utilizing a termiticide no more means choosing to safeguard your house or  environment. Altriset® has both unequalled termite protection and a superior environmental profile, with low effect on advantageous organisms.

Low effect on advantageous organisms

Although Altriset® is very effective on termites, its unique chemistry is targeted to ensure that it has little effect on the organisms you need in your lawn – for instance honey bees and worms.



The Very First New Termiticide in Nearly 10 Years

Imagine utilizing a computer from the 1990s. You can still get things done, but in a much slower and much easier pace. It simply wouldn’t make sense today.

Yet while technologies have advanced around us, termiticide chemistry has continued to be virtually exactly the same. You most likely didn’t notice, but DuPont sure did and decided to do something about it.

Enter Altriset.® By resembling an ingredient present in certain tree bark, DuPont researchers were able to produce a breakthrough mode of action that actually works unlike any other.

Altriset® targets and paralyses the mouths of termites to prevent them from feeding within hours. Altriset® also clings to their bodies undetected and improves social behavior to ensure that it's spread rapidly through the colony. Your house is termite-free within three months and fully protected for many years.

But DuPont didn’t stop there. The utmost environmental profile of Altriset® means it’s the very first liquid termiticide that does not require any special personal protective equipment to use, and you will find no specific first-aid requirements.


Environmental Pest Control

Studies Prove Effectiveness

100s of laboratory and field studies carried out by both DuPont and independent labs prove that termites rapidly acquire a sufficient dose of Altriset® as they tunnel via a treated zone.

The results also reveal that Altriset® increases termites mingling and grooming behavior and also enhances the spread of Altriset® with other colony members. Each group of exposed termites carry on this procedure throughout the colony.

Stops Feeding in Hours

Altriset® functions by paralyzing the mouths of termites within hours of ingestion, preventing further damage immediately. But Altriset® doesn’t stop there. Additionally, it increases termites’ already social behavior. They groom and exchange food, therefore spreading Altriset™ with other colony member.

Here’s how it operates:

  • Your termite control professional applies Altriset® according to the label directions.
  • The very first wave of termites to come in contact with Altriset® walks through it, consume it and carry it on their bodies as they can't taste or feel the odor.
  • Within hours, the mouths of exposed termites become paralysed to prevent further feeding.
  • Exposed termites experience elevated grooming and interaction to ensure that they spread Altriset® among other colony members.
  • With time, termites become lethargic and show indications of muscle paralysis.
  • removes termites within three months or less when utilized in compliance with the label.

Complete and Long-Lasting Termite Control

  • Altriset® provides long-term structural protection by controlling termites and departing residual protection in surrounding soil to ensure that termites don’t return.
  • Actually, research has shown that after utilizing it in compliance with the label, just one application of Altriset® safeguards your house from termites for many years.
  • Results can vary slightly by location. Your Altriset® termite control professional can outline specific performance recommendations for the region.
  • After treatment, you will find simple steps which you can take to make sure maximum results, including:
  • Keeping shrubbery trimmed and away from the house
  • Clearing gutters of water and debris
  • Ensuring indoor and outside plumbing remains leak-free
  • Sealing cracks in foundation, patio, steps or masonry siding
  • Getting rid of stagnant water around or in your house
  • Getting yearly assessments with a professional to make certain termites haven’t came back

How it Works


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