Termite Baiting Systems

Termite Baiting

You might have seen a pest control specialist insert a termite baiting system into the ground around the perimeter of your house or outbuildings. Sometimes people make reference to this kind of pest control system as a white ant bait system because subterranean termites look like white ants. They are termite baiting stations filled with a particular wood product that attract the termites towards the feeding station. Once termites are discovered within the station, we place the bait within it. Termites consume the poison and also the bait clings to the insect that carries it to the nest. Eventually, the whole nest is poisoned and the termites exterminated.

Eco Safe Termite Baiting

Termite harm to houses in Australia has elevated since the 1990’s when certain kinds of termite pesticide sprays were banned because of the environmental impact to other insects which are beneficial for example bees. Actually, an eco-friendly termite baiting solution was just lately provided. It's incredibly effective and it is safe for pets, humans and non-termite organisms that are exposed to the chemical. The product can be obtained through licensed termite exterminators.

Having a termite inspection performed by an expert may be the quickest path to being assured that your house is free from termites. Having an expert termite specialist who can advise on the best treatment solution for the

home and breed of termite is critical for successful eradication.

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Nemesis Termite Bait


Probably the most effective termite eradication plan is Nemesis Termite Baits. Nemesis termite baits are among the most eco-friendly and effective products Australian pest controllers use. You will find other termite baiting systems and stations available.

Nemesis Termite Baits have been used for over a decade by experienced pest controllers. This is because they work well in termite eradication. The price of setting up the monitoring stations, after which at the appropriate interval baiting the colonies, is simpler to calculate.