Chemical Termite Obstacles including Termidor Dust


Setting up a termite barrier is among the popular techniques of prevention or eradication of termite colonies. A termite barrier could be physical or chemical or a mix of both. Chemical termite obstacles could be repellents or non-repellents. When termites encounter a repellent chemical barrier they’ll avoid it instead of going through it. It’s important there are no gaps inside a repellent chemical barrier.

Another kind of termite chemical barrier is non-repellent. Termites go through this barrier without realizing. The benefit is they’re not going to avoid the barrier, which will make them infected while passing through this barrier. Then they carry this infection to their colony or termite nest. The harm towards the whole termite colony is much more dramatic as opposed to just repelling them to a neighbor’s property.

On our blogsite there is a 9 minute Youtube video on how BASF Termidor Dust provides a non-repellent protection against termite damage.