Termite Inspection Report

A termite inspection and the supporting termite inspection report are suggested by the Australian Standard AS3660 to be done each year even if you've got a termite prevention system in place. In most cases, whenever you request a termite inspection service, be sure to confirm that they offer a termite inspection report. Sydney clients of Home Termite Control always get a comprehensive property inspection and report.

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You may not realise it, but Australia’s climate and atmosphere is very appropriate for termites as is evidenced by huge termite mounds visible in rural areas. We suffer from various kinds of termites which might require different termite extermination solutions. Simply because you do not see a termite hill in your backyard doesn’t mean all is fine inside your home.

Our comprehensive termite inspection report is aimed at providing you with essential information on:

  • Termite activity photos
  • Proof of older structural damage triggered by termites
  • Conditions in and around your house that support termites
  • Advice regarding how to minimize the probability of termite attack
  • Strategies for termite extermination
  • Option of termite protection systems

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