Termite Nest? Is It Too Late To Save Your Home?

Treating Termite Nests

Dead trees and tree stumps are typical places to locate a termite nest, but when you discover one near your home’s foundation or perhaps a building on your property, will it mean your building is going to crumble down? Well, that’s quite a severe notion, but the truth is termites can and will do tremendous harm to all kinds of wooden structures or frames. If you discover a termite nest, it might not be too late in order to save your home, however, you must take action to minimize pricey repairs.

Whenever a termite nest is located, we are able to treat it utilizing a fast acting termiticide that removes the queen and her staff. Other termites travelling outside the colony will ultimately be exterminated once they revisit the nesting area.

Termite Swarms

Whenever you watch a swarm of flying insects they may be termites ‘alates’ (termite prince and princesses) seeking a mate to be able to begin a new colony. These swarms of flying termites are most frequently seen throughout the hot months and often at the end of October. While they're swarming they might look for a simple target to live in. If you notice lots of insects landing on the window or door frame that appears to look like ants, this will probably be a termite swarm.

If flying termites are located in large numbers indoors, you might have an infestation in your home. Simply because you do not discover their whereabouts doesn’t imply that it's not necessarily a termite nest behind the wall, inside door frames or perhaps nesting round the foundation near a food source – such as the framework supporting your home!

Termite Treatment

If required, we use a combination of methods to ensure complete termite extermination. We go back to check the termite nest to be able to determine whether any termite activity remaining. Follow-up termite recognition and remedies are incorporated in the original fee and there's no additional charges for termite nest removal.

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